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Stress-free Run to help you set goals for your next 5K, 10K, or 13.1! Small, Private Groups of 15-20 Runners.

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Our Coordinator team will give you snacks, water, cheer you on, and hand-time your run (optional)!

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Free giveaways, Medals on request, Certificate of Completion, and Sponsor Goodies!


What our Runners are Saying!

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Thank you so much for sponsoring this! It gave me something to work towards and forced me to stick to my daily runs leading up to it, giving me some semblance of a routine.

    Vanessa S
    Vanessa S


    Being able to spend more time with family and reprioritizing the essential things in life. I am grateful I am still able to run outside and learning to love road running when I used to run mostly on the treadmill at the gym (dreadful, I know). – Thomas H

      Thomas H
      Thomas H


      One good thing: I have started exercising again! – Amy M

        Amy M
        Amy M